Our Philosophy


Welcome to the Center for Living Health. Created by husband and wife team Michael Allen MD and Linda Lazar Allen, CAMT, we are a heart centered medical practice consciously striving to bring balance and healing to the whole person by integrating conventional and holistic medicine and therapies. Our Center is truly a labor of love, born through our family’s journey, and our desire to share what we have learned along that path with others.

“The more we truly understand a specific child, and the more comprehensive our knowledge about the physical, emotional and spiritual development of children in general, the better we can support these individual children with their challenges, nourish their gifts, and help them blossom into the magnificent human beings they are meant to be. I believe this is preventative care at it’s finest, and I strive to give my patient families the kind of care I want for my own family.” Michael Allen, MD

In his over 20 years of  practice in Sacramento, he has seen how important it is to balance, nourish and strengthen each child’s inherent healing ability, not just treat symptoms.

Where conventional medicine may treat or suppress symptoms of an ear infection, Dr. Allen looks at the ear infection as a sign of imbalance, and works to find it’s cause. Then he recommends treatment to correct the imbalance, which will lead to true healing.  If you can figure out why the body is out of balance, you can fix it – versus merely treating symptoms, which can lead to recurrences or worsening of overall health, and still do nothing for the imbalance that caused the symptom in the first place.

“I believe if you treat an ear infection you may make the ear infection go away, but if you are not dealing with the underlying problem or imbalance, the child may get the ear infection over and over again. The underlying problem is only masked, which may then cause further imbalances and progression of symptoms. I strive to treat the whole child, not the symptom.” Dr. Michael Allen

While Dr. Allen is fully trained in and Board Certified in Conventional Pediatrics and believes in the importance of western medicine in healthcare today (namely severe, acute illnesses or injuries), he is also Board Certified in Holistic/Integrative Medicine and Board Certified in Anthroposophic Medicine, allowing him to look beyond the limitations of a strictly conventional approach.

His training gives him a strong grounding in both conventional medicine and the most progressive holistic remedies that are available today. Dr. Allen believes in offering choices regarding therapies and treatments to assist your child on their path to health, and believes in taking the time to make sure you understand the therapies and reasons behind them.

“ To treat the child, you must first treat the mother…”
~240 BC, Nei Jing, The Yellow Emperor’s Ancient Chinese Medical Text

The close energetic connection between children and their parents, especially the mother, has been observed for centuries. Dr Allen understands this and incorporates healing recommendations with this in mind.   His goal is to work with the family, by enlightening and empowering parents to utilize their own innate intuitive healing knowing about their children and themselves.

With this Center, we hope to  create a bridge between those who have never ventured into the realm of holistic healthcare, but are frustrated with the conventional approach to medicine, and those who have never gone to a conventional doctor because they wanted a more natural approach. Bringing the best of both worlds to nurture you and your family with an unprecedented level of personalized healing care.