Craniosacral Therapy, Heart Centered Therapy & Emotional Healing

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Linda Lazar Allen, CAMT
offers gentle holistic treatments for adults and children that build resilience, instill inner peace and harmonize the body.   She brings to her craniosacral therapy practice advanced training  in the brain and nervous system, and specializes in Sensory Processing issues and Emotional Heart Centered Healing.

Sessions follow a holistic and anthroposophic approach of balancing the bodily rhythms and treating the whole human being, not just the physical symptoms. Linda’s emotional healing work offers the opportunity to reformulate emotional responses, beliefs and life decisions that are blocking progress or causing physical pain, gaining newfound insight, wisdom, and strength.

Parents of Linda’s pediatric patients often notice that their children tend to feel calmer, can focus easier, and have an easier time with transitions.

The simplicity of this therapy is its beauty. Linda creates a safe space for traumatic experiences to emerge and resolve smoothly without reliving them or being overwhelming. Safe. Nurturing. Healing.

“Linda is beautifully trained in the skill and art of craniosacral therapy. Our daughter and I benefitted from our first session with her. The comfort and peace of deep relaxation under her gentle, but effective touch is remarkable.”

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