What People Are Saying About Linda’s Work

“Linda is beautifully trained in the skill and art of craniosacral therapy. Our daughter and I benefitted from just our first session with her. The comfort and peace of deep relaxation under her gentle, but effective touch is remarkable.”

“We were starting to feel helpless in caring for our son’s frequent headaches before he began Linda’s therapy. After only 4 sessions his headaches have disappeared! Linda truly has the gift of healing touch. We have utmost confidence in putting our precious child in her care.”

“Our child has been absolutely sparkling since her appointment. Her tempers have lessened and are less intense and she just seems more at peace. We are so grateful that you are here to help her (and us)!”

“Linda is a very loving and intuitive healer. She has made a world of difference on my path of healing and has been a steadfast healing influence. I even left my osteopath and one of my chiropractors to return for more time with Linda because I found she could help me best.”

“I want to thank you so very much for helping me. I have felt the effects very deeply. I feel like I have had more clarity than I have in a very long time. I feel so “full” inside and I also experienced a sense of calm openness. I really feel like I have truth and trust within me now. Thank you for sharing your gift with me”

“Through Linda’s multi-faceted and caring treatment, my young son recovered from not only the physical injuries from the auto accident he was involved in, but the emotional trauma as well. I have my happy little boy back again–and without pain, nightmares and the need for a night light to comfort him!”

“A place that I can feel safe, let go of past traumas and be healed with Linda’s gentle soft voice and hands. I am able to walk away feeling renewed and given new strength with new outlook in my life. And Linda has given me tools to use in my everyday life coping with family and others, enabling me to be successful putting my past trauma behind me as I continue on my journey of healing.”

“Every time Linda works on my baby, I see a developmental spurt.”

“I continue to be amazed with the level of care you and the team provides to your patients. You really do go above and beyond.”

“Wow ! That’s all I can say!”

“I want to thank you for all your help and guidance. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for your amazing work.”