A holistic approach to pediatrics focusing on your child’s unique needs, addressing not only the physical symptoms but also the emotional, social, environmental and spiritual aspects of health.

“Medicine will be broadened by a spiritual conception of man to an art of healing, or else it will remain a soulless technology that removes only symptoms.” — Otto Wolff

Michael Allen, MD is triple Board Certified in Pediatrics, Holistic/Integrative Medicine, and Anthroposophic medicine. . He is the doctor of choice for families seeking holistic health care and individualized attention.

He practices a more natural way of healing, and isn’t afraid to look outside the box. Dr. Allen prefers working with holistic and anthroposophic remedies, but has the training of an MD to recognize potentially serious situations that might call for the use of conventional medicine. By blending both, he can use western medicine to stabilize patients, and then use more natural remedies to re-establish balance and achieve true healing.

Offering a deeper, more comprehensive evaluation of your child and their specific needs.

  • We welcome all babies and new patients through college age. We also invite new expectant parents for prenatal and nutrition consulting.
  • Longer appointment times allow Dr Allen to comprehensively evaluate your child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health with a specialized and exhaustive history and physical exam. He uses a child’s symptoms to identify areas of balance and imbalance, and to monitor the process of healing.
  • He looks at each individual child as a unique combination of body, soul, and spirit and considers the development of each of these aspects, taking the time to help parents to understand how it affects their child.
  • Offering a more natural way of healing including alternatives to antibiotics, modified vaccine schedules for those who want vaccines, and immune system strengthening.

What to Expect

Dr. Allen will help you learn about the options you have for healing your children and keeping them healthy. He will review your concerns, along with your children’s prenatal and birth history, growth, comprehensive developmental, nutritional, sleep, emotional and medical histories, and important physical findings. A holistic assessment and overview of family and child health will be made. Dr Allen can offer you the option to choose holistic, anthroposophical and/or conventional approaches to your children’s conditions. Read more about Understanding Our Practice/Philosophy

Initial treatments may include the use of

Our vision is to use remedies and medicines that ease your child’s symptoms, helping them to feel more comfortable, without suppressing their body’s own ability to self heal, and to once again achieve a state of balance and true health.

Understanding Our Practice



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