Appointments and Fee’s

Scheduling Appointments

Fee’s and Payment

Cancellation and Missed Appointments Policy



Scheduling Appointments

  1. Office hours are by appointment and we do value your time. Our providers are available to care for patients during scheduled office hours, M,T,W,F 9:30 – 4:30.  We are closed Thursday’s and on the weekend. Same day acute appointments are available, but please call first. We do not take walk-in’s.
  2.  Please call your primary care physician for after hour emergencies and problems.

Schedule an Appointment

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Fees and Payment Policy

  • Due to the time and information intensive nature of holistic consultations, we are a private pay only practice and are not contracted with any insurance companies. This allows us to make the best choices for our patients health without interference from insurance companies and their limitations of care.
  • Patients will receive a coded insurance form for you to submit to your provider for possible reimbursement.

We strive to provide cost-effective, quality holistic healthcare for your family. Fees are based solely on the time the doctor dedicates to your family. All fees are due at time of service.

The length of your visit depends on the complexity of the issue you are discussing. For instance, a first time consultation to establish a healthy child will be much shorter than a consultation to address more complex issues.

New Patient Appointment Deposit: A deposit ($140) must be paid at the time of scheduling to confirm all new patient appointments. This deposit will be applied to your appointment or used towards the fee for missed appointments/late cancellation per our Cancellation Policy below.

The following appointment lengths and charges are general guidelines only. The actual fee will vary per patient depending on the complexity of care and the actual time spent with your provider.


  •  New Patient Consultations Pediatrics (1-1 1/2 hrs) $280 – 420
  •  New Patient Establish Care (30 minutes- 1 hr) $140 – $280
  • Simple Acute Sick Appointment (15 minute): $70
  • Complex Acute Sick Appointment (multiple problems -30 minutes) $140
  • Simple Follow-Up Appointment: (15 minutes) $70
  • Vaccine Consultations (30 minutes – 1 hr) $140- $280
  • Prenatal Appointments (15-30 minutes) $70-$140
  • Infant/Well Baby/Child Physicals: (15 -30 minutes) $70- $140
  • Newborn Appointment (30 minutes-1 hr) $140-$280
  • Simple Sports Physical: (existing patient) $70
  • New/Comprehensive School/Sports Physical [Physical, Hearing, Visual Screening) 30 minutes $70- $140
  • Telemedicine Consultations $280/hr (pro-rated every 15 minutes)

*For first time appointments please allot 1- 1 1/2 hours for time for your appointment, in addition to time  for check-in, work-up and check-out.


  • Simple Formal Letter           $70
  • Complex Letter Fee             $140- $210 based on complexity of letter

All e-mails and letters become part of medical chart. 

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Cancellation and Missed Appointments Policy

At Center for Living Health, we schedule longer than average appointments so that you do not feel rushed and have plenty of time to go over all your questions and concerns. Missed appointments are costly and take away valuable time from others. Please read our  Cancellation/Missed Appointment policies and be aware of your commitment as a patient of our practice.

    • New Patient Consultation changes  must be made 7 business days in advance
    • Established patient changes must be at least 48 business hours prior to your scheduled appointment (weekends are not considered business hours, ie Monday appts must be cancelled by the previous Thursday)
    • Appointments not cancelled within these guidelines or missed will be charged $70-$140 depending of type of appointment scheduled.

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We offer the highest quality holistic medical care without an insurance middleman restricting the type of care, or length of time you spend with a Dr Allen. We therefore do not accept insurance but will provide you with code claim form to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement in accordance with the terms of your plan, or that may count towards your deductible if you have a Health Care Reimbursement Plan (HCRA) through your employer or Health Savings Account (HSA).

Our services may be covered as an out-of-network provider if you belong to a PPO-type insurance plan. Please check with your insurance company regarding the specific percentages of coverage that apply to your particular insurance plan, and with your employer or accountant for details of you HCRA or HSA.

By choosing to bring your child to us, your health insurance needs may change, and you may find it advantageous to proactively change your current plan. See below for strategies and suggestions on how to minimize out-of-pocket expenses to pay for Holistic care, that may even save you money. Our goal is to offer affordable holistic medical care to all those who seek it.

Insurance Options
Increasing your health insurance deductible

Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA)

Using a Health Savings Account (HSA)

What if I have an HMO?

Increasing your health insurance deductible
Many healthy families have a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) health plan, with a relatively low ($500-1000) deductible. The premiums for such a service can, however, be quite high.

By increasing your deductible, monthly premiums may be reduced by almost half, resulting in significant annual savings to you. The money saved can then be used to pay for the kind of medical care you desire for you and your family.

Using a Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) to pay for services
As an employee, you may have access to a Health Care Reimbursement Account as part of your benefits package. Such a program lets you set aside a predetermined amount, pre-tax, for use for qualified medical expenses. Individuals may generally direct a maximum of $5000 per year to such an account, but if their spouse is also an employee, then together they may contribute $10,000 (This amount may change yearly – please consult your employer or accountant). Note, however, that you must carefully track your health expenses as the IRS requires that you forfeit any unclaimed money in your HCRA account after the closing date of the plan year.

Using a Health Savings Account (HSA)
New in 2004, and providing opportunity for the self-employed, the Health Savings Account is a combination of tax favored savings account and a qualified high deductible health insurance policy. To qualify you must have an approved plan with at least a $1000 deductible for an individual or $2000 deductible for your family. Each year you and/or your employer can contribute enough to cover 100% of your deductible (up to a maximum of $5000 for an individual or $10,000 for a family, depending on the amount of your deductible – please check with your accountant as these totals may change year to year). As with a Health Care Reimbursement Account, the money goes in before taxes (or is tax deductible), but unlike an HCRA, accrues interest tax free, rolls over to the next year, and is never taxed if used for qualified medical expenses!

What if I have an HMO?
While a HMO will not reimburse for our visits, co-pays for many HMO’s range from $15-$90 per visit, and some now have a $600 deductible. If you are pursuing holistic health for your family, visits to our practice may not cost much more than your co-pays, and you can receive the kind of medical care you want for your family.

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