Along with seeing typically developing children for their routine well baby and medical care, Dr. Allen specializes in complex and difficult children that have failed conventional treatment or want to pursue a more natural approach. He sees children with sensory processing disorder, special needs, attention issues, anger and other behavioral problems, food and environmental allergies and sensitivities, and children that need support and balancing for their constitution, temperament, or with the nine year change.

Appointments offered include:

Preventative and Well Care


Acute/Sick Care

Chronic Care

Information about Appointments for Vaccine Consults

Preventative and Well Care Appointments

  • Care/consulting in Holistic, Anthroposophical and conventional pediatric medical care
  • Infant/well baby examinations
  • Nutrition
  • Physicals for children, adolescents
  • Adolescent Healthcare
  • Vaccine Consultations
  • Breastfeeding issues and when to introduce ‘solids’ to your infant
  • Safe home remedies for common conditions
  • Strengthening your childrens’ immune system
  • Pro’s/Con’s of circumcision
  • Vaccination concerns/modified schedule consultations
  • Sleep
  • Major life changes/ emotional health
  • Focusing Issues

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Newborn Services include:

  • Prenatal Consultations (helps Dr. Allen get to know the family before the baby is born, be able to make recommendations for the health of the mother and baby during the pregnancy, preparing for and during the  delivery, and after delivery.
  • Breastfeeding issues and when to introduce ‘solids’ to your infant. Dr. Allens  supports and strongly advocates breastfeeding.
  • Craniosacral Therapy to gently release restrictions in newborns.
  • Lingual frenectomies to aid with breastfeeding, when needed.

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Acute/Sick Care

Our vision is to use natural remedies and medicines that ease your child’s symptoms, helping them to feel more comfortable, without suppressing their body’s own ability to self heal.  With Dr. Allen being an MD, he fortunately also has the training to recognize potentially serious situations that might call for the use of conventional medicine, if the body gets overwhelmed. He can use these to stabilize his patients, and then use more natural remedies to re-establish balance and achieve true healing.

  • Sick visits: Ear pain, Fever, Cough, Gastrointestinal illness, Colic, Sore throat, Upper respiratory infection, Asthma, etc..
  • Injury Care: Including gluing small lacerations, foreign body removal, etc.
  • Headaches, neck and back pain, muscle pain

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Chronic Illness Care

Helping you learn and discover options for safely healing yourself and your children by identifying areas of balance and imbalance, and by preventing new dis-ease, as this is so important in the care of Chronic Illnesses. Treatment recommendations will include options for holistic, anthroposophic, and conventional approaches to you or your child’s condition.

  • Neurological Challenges :
    Sensory Processing Issues, Autism spectrum, Behavioral problems, Developmental delays, Cerebral Palsy, children with special needs
  • ADD/ADHD alternatives
  • Ear/Nose/Throat Conditions:
    Congestion, Ear fluid, Ear infections, Ear pain, Sinusitis, Tonsillitis/Adenoiditis, Upper respiratory infections, crowding of teeth, mouth breathing
  • Gastrointestinal/Digestive Disturbances:
    Abdominal pain, Colic, Constipation, Diarrhea, Failure to thrive, Feeding problems, Obesity, Reflux
  • Immune Conditions:
    Allergies, Cancer, Diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Vaccination injury, Side effects of chronic medications
  • Emotional concerns:
    Learning disabilities, anxiety, sleep problems, trauma/stress
  • Respiratory Conditions:
    Asthma, Bronchiolitis, Bronchitis, Cough
  • Skin Conditions:
    Hives, Eczema, Rashes

* Due to the consulting nature of our practice, do not offer any routine vaccinations or labs in our office, but we do offer Vaccine Consultations to help you formulate a individualized plan.  

* NOTE: We are not a full-service primary care practice, and recommend families remain under the care of a primary care provider (PCP) for: emergency care; hospital admissions; and after hours call.

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