What Parents Are Saying About Dr. Allen

“My kids LOVE coming to your office to see Dr. Allen – they don’t want to leave!”

“I’ve never had a Doctor that listens like Dr. Allen does.”

“It’s refreshing to hear that there is more than one way to treat my child.”

“Your office is like night and day from other doctors that don’t really listen to what you say, but just give you a pill.”

“Your approach to medicine has given me hope when I had none.”

“It is amazing the way Dr. Allen knows and holds his patients, it feels like he is  holding everyone as family.”

“Dr. Allen doesn’t  just listen for 20 seconds and give me a prescription to get me out of the room.”

“Dr. Allen takes the time to answer all my questions, even though he had a waiting room with people in it.”

“At Center for Living Health, you’re not just treating my child’s symptoms, but insuring that my children are thriving.”

” I love that you don’t just tell me what to do but you explain my options to me so that I can make choices.”

“Thanks again for being the most compassionate and terrific healers around!”

“Yeah! Our family is happy Dr. Allen is back in practice! We’ve missed you.”

“Thank you so much for the kind and generous guidance and support of my family.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment you are giving my daughter. We’re enormously grateful.”

“I continue to be amazed with the level of care you and the team provides to your patients. You really do go above and beyond.”