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Craniosacral Therapy (CST), Emotional Balancing and Heart Centered Therapy
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Pediatrics: Children, Adolescents and Teenagers

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What People Are Saying About Linda’s Work


Balance. Harmony. Inner peace. A renewed sense of ease.

These are the qualities Linda Lazar Allen strives to help her clients attain as a craniosacral therapist at the Center for Living Health. Her sessions follow a holistic and anthroposophic approach of bringing balance to and treating the whole human being, not just the symptoms of injury or illness.  As a whole body therapy, Craniosacral Therapy is a safe, gentle touch modality proven to help stop pain without medication and help regulate the nervous system to release stress and toxics that lead to imbalance.

“When working at it’s most harmonious level, the body is capable of healing itself”

Various studies show that up to 90% of physician visits are due to stress related illnesses, which shows the importance balancing the mind body connection, countering the chronic, harmful effects of stress.

Working on the body from the inside out
Linda is skilled in perceiving the subtle rhythms and intrinsic movements of the body to find and release tension and congestion that can cause neurological stress, tension and pain.  Her work focuses on the inner connections in your body: fluids, tissues, membranes, nervous system, energy. Her advanced Brain and Nervous System training is very unique among treatment modalities because as the body has a chance to rebalance, it can bring a tremendous therapeutic effect to the brain, spinal cord, and neurological, immune, digestive and muscular systems. She believes in empowering her clients to take charge of their bodies and understand their innate self-healing capabilities by helping them uncover the mental, emotional, and physical blocks that are keeping them from their  true potential.

Sessions can help ease the challenges brought on by a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual constitution, assisting us to achieve a better balance and integration of all the forces operating within the body. The results can be life changing.

What Sessions can Help With:

Linda Lazar Allen’s sessions provide an effective form of treatment for a wide range of ailments by helping to create the optimal conditions for health, encouraging vitality, and facilitating a sense of well-being. Clients may notice they feel calmer and centered, can breathe more easily and deeper, notice less pain, and that emotional boundaries are easier to maintain.

The therapies are so gentle that they are suitable for people of all ages. Sessions may relieve a range of problems, including

♥Emotional distress (anxiety, stress, depression, worry, etc.)

♥Traumas (falls, accidents, physical, sexual or emotional abuse,
loss/grief, surgeries)

♥Migraines and other Headaches

♥Chronic and Acute Neck and Back Pain

♥Support through Life Changes

♥Nervous System Disorders

♥Injuries (including motor vehicle & sports injuries)

♥Vertigo, Tinnutis, TMJ problems and Menieres


♥Joint Pain

♥Immune System Support
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Pediatrics: Treating Newborns to Teenagers

Parents of Linda’s patients often notice that their children are more relaxed, can focus better in school, and have an easier time with transitions. Many are astounded to see their hyperactive or tense child relax or even fall asleep during the session. Children tend to feel calmer, can focus easier, and are better able to deal with the stressful demands of school. Restoring equilibrium in the body also helps make children less accident-prone or clumsy, because they are not “off-balance” anymore.

Children and Adolescents
Linda is known for her special connection with the children she works with. Gentle and non-invasive, craniosacral therapy is effective in ways children can intuitively recognize.

She believes in the importance of developing trust, and empowering children to become cooperative participants in their healing process by teaching them tools to calm themselves, relieve pain and feel safe. Linda also incorporates elements of sensory integration, guided imagery, and storytelling to help calm and focus children during sessions.

An important part of her work is helping  children  with sensory processing disorders feel organized and calm in their bodies. She also works with many children to help  ease transitions through developmental stages in life (kindergarten to 1st grade, 9 and 12 year change, adolescence, etc.). Her work helps support and nourish children through these critical stages.

Linda also works with teens for all sorts of emotional, behavioral and physical problems. Many teens, and even younger children, in today’s society are overloaded with school, extra curricular activities and overall busy lifestyles. This can create undue stress on their systems, lowering their immune function, increasing anxiety and affecting school performance. The therapies Linda offers can help compensate for some of these problems. She has many teens that she see’s several times a year for “tuneups” to helps ease the stress and demands school can bring to their systems, allowing them to tackle their workloads without being overwhelmed.



“After my sessions I feel I can see the world with more clarity.” 8 year old patient
“It’s like you turned a lightbulb on in our child, he just switched. It’s just amazing.”

What it can help with:

Challenges that Linda’s sessions have helped with include:

♥Sensory Processing Disorders




♥Emotional fears, Anxiety

♥ADD/ADHD/Learning Disabilities

♥Injuries (accidents, sports injuries, etc.)

♥Children with Special Needs, Autism Spectrum


♥Developmental Delays

♥Neurological Dysfunction


♥Proprioceptive/Balance issues

♥Immune System support

♥Nursing difficulties

♥Birth Trauma

♥Colic, Tantrums, Irritability
















♥Sleeping Problems

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Emotional Healing and Heart Centered Therapy

Linda’s emotional healing work offers the opportunity to reformulate emotional responses, beliefs, and life decisions into newfound insight, wisdom and strength.

A specialization of Linda’s practice is working with emotional traumas of the soul  to safely release old patterns in our cellular tissue that are blocking progress or causing physical pain. Research has shown that sometimes structural pain will not subside until the emotional components are cleared first. It is so important to address our feelings before healing can begin.

Therapeutic imagery, dialoguing, acupressure and soft touch techniques help you reach higher levels of consciousness where old patterns and belief systems from life’s experiences and relationships are safely transformed and released,  without reliving the trauma or feeling overwhelmed.

Each time we experience an emotional trauma, trivial or life shattering, it is stored in the body. Tissue holds memory of both physical and emotional trauma.  Repeated sense perceptions, i.e. coping mechanisms from situations in life and judgements also become imprinted in our brain and body, emerging as unconscious responses and belief systems. When we cling to these once-helpful perceptions after they cease to be useful, they can reemerge as sources of pain and dysfunction.

These perceptions of the subconscious mind controls 95-99 percent of most  behaviors and biology and plays a big role in decision making. So it is not that by choice  that people keep suffering and relapsing, but because they hold beliefs that are contrary to their goals, which activate self-defeating behaviors. Linda’s emotional healing work gently helps you uncover and replace these limiting beliefs with positive and self-empowering beliefs.

The depth reached through the therapies Linda practices quickly and gently resolve even the deepest rooted traumas. Heart Centered Therapy is the core therapy Linda uses to facilitate Emotional Soul Healing, integrated with Emotional Release Acupressure and therapeutic imagery to take clients on a sacred journey of healing that lovingly transforms reactions to life’s experiences and initiates change. These techniques promote the discovery and gentle release of the restrictions that contribute to pain and dysfunction.

Heart Centered Therapy

Linda primarily uses Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) for her emotional healing work. HCT is a beautiful modality developed by Alaya Chikly that helps you connect with the wisdom of your heart to reach higher levels of consciousness. The heart naturally knows how to heal our consciousness and dissolve beliefs that may have held us in pain, confusion and/or separation.

With HCT, Linda skillfully guides you through soft touch and masterful dialoguing techniques that identify and transform the emotional component of disease and discomfort in the body, the related trauma, as well as the ancestral patterns that have sustained wounding within the immediate family and the family lineage.  Inside this gentle and respectful process is a very direct, straightforward approach that pierces straight to the core of an issue. This work is profound because it allows you to access the wisdom of your heart to heal. As a facilitator, she never tells you what to do, never tells you answers, but she lovingly holds space for you to have the experience and find your own resolution, your own answers revealed by the wisdom of your heart.

Limited perspectives and blocks dissolve as one learns to discern the difference between information perceived from the mind that can intensify trauma, and higher information received through the wisdom of the heart that directs the healing and reveals inner truth. As our core being is healed, disassociated consciousness reintegrates. In wholeness, we can reclaim and fulfill our purpose in life.

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In addition to  craniosacral therapy and emotional healing, Linda has training in several modalities and techniques, including certification in Emotional Release Acupressure, which she intuitively blends in each session. Learn more