Heart Centered Therapy


Emotional Healing,Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) and Mindfulness

Along with in office sessions, Linda works with patients around the world via phone or skype.

Linda’s passion is in safely guiding the release of emotional traumas of the soul and spirit that disconnect you from the self and the present moment, that cause physical pain. The journey is to help you to find your full true authentic self, becoming present and fully connected to your body.

A majority of the success in emotional healing really comes not only from the techniques, but also knowing what to clear – emotional events, patterns, beliefs, and other blockages that prevent healing. Linda safely nurtures your journey to clear the subconscious parts that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Trauma doesn’t have to be a big event. It could be you just had parents who never saw you. It could be an incidental moment that you made you subconsciously change your perceptions of the world and yourself. It could be a trauma that isn’t even yours  – new studies link how trauma can be passed thru generations due to epigenetic changes in DNA.

What’s important to know is the story of what happened long ago isn’t the trauma. The trauma is the imprint of that story living in your body — the message your cells hold that make you feel anxious, less than, addictive, angry, etc… The trauma is the part that happens inside that disconnects you from your true self, from your body. But the good news is, researchers have discovered our cell biology is dynamic enough to allow healing of these traumas…to have a positive experience.

Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) is the core therapy Linda uses to facilitate Emotional Soul Healing, intuitively blended with Somatic Emotional Release, Therapeutic Guided Imagery and Emotional Release Acupressure, to take you on a sacred journey of healing that lovingly transforms reactions to life’s experiences and initiates change. She also works with you to develop mindfulness practices and exercises to incorporate into your daily living — empowering you to become more present and conscious of your patterns, triggers and how your body responds to them.

Her work centers on reconnecting the heart and brain, bringing us out of our heads to entrust the voice of the heart to guide you to reformulate emotional responses, beliefs and life decisions and gain newfound insight, wisdom, and strength. As a practitioner, she never tells you what to do, never tells you answers, but lovingly holds space for you to discover  your own resolution, your own answers revealed by the wisdom of your heart.

The mind may say that this is impossible.  Yet the heart says it is natural, and has the capacity to guide each of us to that place of deep emotional healing. It begins with that subtle shift from mind to heart. The heart is truly the key.

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We all begin life living from the wisdom of our hearts. But somewhere along the way many of us get distracted, and the mind takes over. The mind holds all the belief systems, judgments and memories — often guiding us from what it has stored, like a big hard drive with malware we are not even aware of. But the heart connects us to our divine wisdom, that part of ourselves that holds our inner authentic truth.

Each time we experience an emotional trauma/stress, trivial or life shattering, it is stored in the body. Repeated coping mechanisms from situations in life and judgments, and possibly from generational epigenetic changes in the DNA,  also become imprinted in our brain and body, emerging as unconscious responses and belief systems. When we cling to these once-helpful perceptions after they cease to be useful, they can reemerge as sources of pain and dysfunction. They prevent us from being truly present in our bodies.

These perceptions of the subconscious mind control 95-99 percent of most behaviors and biology, and play a big role in decision-making. So it is not  by choice that people keep suffering and relapsing, but because they hold beliefs that are contrary to their goals, which activate self-defeating behaviors.

Heart Centered Therapy (HCT)

Developed by Alaya Chikly, HCT is a beautiful approach to emotional healing that pierces the veil of our personal reality and reveals the deeper, hidden subconscious source of individual, family and ancestral trauma. It unfolds with forgiveness, compassion and love.  It manifests in remembering who we truly are.

    • A safe, gentle yet direct and straightforward approach that goes straight to the core of an issue to safely release old patterns blocking healing without reliving the trauma.
    • A gentle, yet profound tool for releasing trapped emotional and physical trauma and completing stalled healing.and replace these limiting beliefs and old patterns with positive and self-empowering beliefs. Studies show that sometimes structural pain will not subside until the emotional components are cleared first.
    • HCT helps you connect with the wisdom of your heart to reach higher levels of consciousness. The heart naturally knows how to heal our consciousness and dissolve beliefs that may have held us in pain, confusion and/or separation.
    • Respectful, nonjudgmental dialogue and guided imagery techniques allow you to safely identify and then transform the emotional component of disease and trauma in the body.

Limited perspectives and blocks dissolve as one learns to discern the difference between information perceived from the mind that can intensify trauma, and higher information received through the wisdom of the heart that directs the healing and reveals inner truth. As our core being is healed, disassociated consciousness reintegrates. In wholeness, we can reclaim and fulfill our purpose in life.

Awaken the wisdom of the heart.


Children and Emotional Healing

Parents of Linda’s patients often notice that their children are more relaxed, can focus better in school, and have an easier time with transitions.  Children tend to feel calmer, can focus easier, and are better able to deal with the stressful demands of school.

Many children who are sensitive, stressed or have experienced trauma can get stuck in a state of chronic overwhelm that might prevent successfully calming. They live in a heightened state of arousal (chronic ‘fight or flight”), which caused their body to excrete excessive Cortisol that disrupts their sleep patterns. The lack of sleep adds to their inability to calm and can cause a vicious cycle. This overwhelm can lead to high levels of anxiety, preventing them from functioning at a level they find acceptable. This can lead to depression, irritability and other problems.

Many parents ask how Linda if the process with children is the same as adults for emotional healing. With children, it is of utmost importance to first develop a bond of trust and safety. Without that bond, we will never be able to reach the depths of the work needed to find resolution and build resilience.

Linda then follows the lead of the child to guide them through the work, using a combination of gentle hands on somatic therapy, guided imagery, imaginative play and drawing to help them build inner strength, bring balance and reconnect with their own potential. It is unrealistic to expect a child to lie completely still for a session, so Linda meets them where they are, incorporating a multitude of toys, sensory exercises and stories as she works on them. And surprisingly to  parents, after several sessions, some of these children who can never be still come in and climb on the table to lie down themselves. They innately know how the work helps them.

Current studies on guided imagery with children demonstrate improvement in recurrent abdominal pain, headaches, anxiety, and coping with childhood traumas. Linda helps to empower child, giving them mindfulness tools to use whenever they feel bad.

PRE- AND PERINATAL TRAUMA:  Stress, trauma or shock affects a person at any stage of life, but especially during the pre- and perinatal period that can be overwhelming consequences to our health throughout our life span. Prospective studies have shown that pre- and perinatal stress can be related to outcomes such as:

  • temperamental problems and increased fussiness
  • problems with attention, attention regulation, and emotional reactivity
  • hyperactivity and inattention in boys
  • emotional problems in girls and boys
  • conduct problems in girls

Many times the effects of pre- or perinatal  trauma are not apparent until a child is older and facing challenges in their rhythm. The combination of Linda’s emotional work and craniosacral therapy help ease these challenges.



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