Rapid Release Therapy

Linda Lazar Allen’s holistic approach to healing and pain relief has led her to integrate other noninvasive tools in tandem with her craniosacral/myofascial release sessions.

Linda discovered the amazing relief RRT provides after she personally used it for a back injury. She then used it to help her daughter find relief from repetitive use injuries as a ballet dancer. With these results, she knew it was something that could help her patients as well.

Rapid Release Technology (RRT) uses high -frequency vibration to help release restricted muscle adhesions that can trap nerves, causing pain and numbness or limiting range of motion.

The body naturally creates scar tissue to temporarily patch wounds caused by trauma, surgery, injury, cramping, repetitive stress and muscle spasms. When tissue not usually connected becomes connected by scar tissue it can entrap nerves, limit range of motion, create tension and stress.

Benefits of  Rapid Release Technology

The RRT machine is the only device that targets scar adhesions and penetrates deep in the tissue through the use of resonant frequencies. It uses the  high-speed vibration to resonate with and break up scar tissue adhesions, separate the fascia to free up movement, and increases blood flow, reducing hypoxia and releasing tension.

Only RRT elicits the tonic vibration reflex (TVR), instantly releasing spasms.  TVR  is a neurological reaction that relaxes muscles and helps to lower the stress levels of the body. Linda’s hands on somatic therapies then utilizes the effect of the TVR, gently guiding the fascia and nerves to continue releasing and down regulating the nervous system throughout the body.

This non-invasive technique is safe, painless and is designed to provide instant pain relief and has no reported risks or side effects.

To try RRT, contact our office to Schedule an Appointment with Linda Lazar Allen